That old white couch

Growing up, on our street, on any given night,

you could look in through our front window

and you would see a familiar sight.


That old couch was not just any couch of white.

It was really something more.

It was a time machine, a passageway, a secret wardrobe door


Just ask my siblings two

And they will tell it just the same,

That each night we’d sit together and travel to worlds of different names.


The crisp smell of cut apples

And dad sleeping on the floor

Our mother read us stories that we’d never heard before.


On that couch we learned to dream

We learned to laugh and learned to cry

We learned some stories leave you sad, and you can’t quite be sure why.


A boy with a scarred forehead

taught us to be brave and believe in love

And that when the world is darkest, you’ll see light from up above.


Two hobbits taught us courage,

that no matter what your size

You can accomplish anything with your friends right by your side.


And in Narnia we were given

faith and taught to just believe.

A very grown up tale that we now can apperceive.


Yes, that couch was like no other

For it taught us many things.

The lessons to prepare us for the challenges life brings.


That old white couch was no ordinary thing

Just ask us that were there…

It was really something more

It was a time machine, a passageway, a secret wardrobe door.

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I am a Minnesota girl, MS Warrior, and dog mom who is still waiting for her acceptance letter from Hogwarts...

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