When it rains it pours…

The other night I was sitting on the couch while my dog, Sir Mac N Cheese, was outside doing his dog business. Suddenly, through the screen door, I see him BOLTING across the yard with a small grayish blur just inches in front of him. He was about three seconds from catching a squirrel that had made the unfortunate decision to cross into this big dog’s territory.

I ran outside screaming at Mac to stop, not wanting to witness my floofbaby murder a small rodent, just in time to see the squirrel dive through the chain link fence to safety. My 90lb dog sprinted around the yard a few times, stared menacingly out the fence, and pawed aggressively at the ground making sure that squirrel knew who was boss.

This is not the first time Mac has chased off small mammalian intruders from our yard. However, this IS the fastest I have ever seen my speedy boi move. Unfortunately, I also think he injured himself in the midst of his primal rage.

About an hour later I noticed that he was favoring his back left leg and I called the vet and made an appointment for the next day. Last November, right before I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Mac ruptured his ACL and some other parts of his knee in his right leg after my husband took an unfortunate tumble on some ice…onto the dog…


Mac had surgery to repair his knee the same week I started my first round of steroid infusion therapy. We were bedridden together during my first major MS attack and two rounds of treatment.

Now, I am headed in for an MRI on Tuesday at my neurologists request because we suspect a relapse based off of my worsening symptoms this past week or so.

The vet confirmed yesterday that Sir Mac N cheese has sprained his ACL in his left leg. Guess what that means…back to 24/7 snuggles and rest-time for Mac & Alix!!! Isn’t it funny how we both are kind of relapsing at the same time?!?

I am a bit anxious for my upcoming MRI. I had one not too long ago that did not go wonderfully. I made it through but I am pretty claustrophobic and anxious and the MRI’s are definitely difficult for me. This time I did ask to be given a sedative, so hopefully that will help, seeing as this will be another 2 hour MRI!

So for now, Sir Mac N Cheese and I are going to rest, without feeling guilty! Sleep, without feeling lazy. And relax, without feeling bad about it. Sometimes self-care needs to come first, for all of us!



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I am a Minnesota girl, MS Warrior, and dog mom who is still waiting for her acceptance letter from Hogwarts...

2 thoughts on “When it rains it pours…”

  1. I am sorry I am a day late in making a comment, yesterday was an eventful day for me. I understand being anxious about an MRI. Try your best to not overthink it like I did with my recent one. Honestly, there is no amount of stress or worrying that will change the results, so I am finding it best to go in with a positive attitude. Results are what they are and you and your doctor will figure out ways through it the best way if you are having a relapse. I wish you the best of luck and I do know it is easier said than done to not worry, but I have learned over the 18 years of living with MS, we have no control over our results. Sending you lots of love and positive vibes!


  2. Sorry to hear you’re feeling rotten, hope it turns around soon. My FIL gave me a tip before my last mri because like you I’m pretty claustrophobic and even with a sedative I have to work hard to stay calm. Beyond the obvious of never open your eyes, he suggested I count backwards from 1000. I scoffed, thinking my brain fog probably wouldn’t get me further than 998, but that was exactly the point. I had to focus so hard on counting backwards, my anxiety didn’t have a chance to bloom. Anyway, good luck, MRIs suck so I hope it goes fast and there is only good news. 💕


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