Three benefits ANYONE can get from owning a dog

We all know that dogs are great. I mean, who can resist squealing with delight when you see a bouncing Corgi butt or a the spotted mug of a Dalmatian trotting down the street?

Dogs have been an important part of my life since I was very young. So important that I believe my parents still have a scrap a paper from when I was in 7th grade that dictates that when I saved up one million dollars my parents would buy me a puppy.

I didn’t quite make it to one million dollars that summer (just a couple bucks shy…) but my family and I did end up getting a puppy and my true passion for our canine friends began.

I spent many of my post-college years working at doggy daycare and boarding facilities. Ultimately, I ended up learning A LOT about dogs. I learned about dog breeds, behavior, health, first aid, and training techniques. I read books about dog phycology, dog behavior and training techniques and I got to actively put what I learned into practice each day when I went to work!

I will always love dogs. They truly are mans (and womans!) best friend. With their caring, intuitive and goofy nature dogs are a lot like us!

So here it is; Three Benefits to owning a dog! 

  1. Exercise! Dogs need exercise. Fun fact: so do you! Now, the amount and intensity of the required exercise will vary depending on breed. You can get away with less exercise for some breeds such as English Bull Dogs or Pomeranians, but keep in mind that no matter what the breed all dogs need exercise, even if it is just a little bit! I have a 100lb Husky/German Shepherd mix, so we are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Sir Mac N Cheese requires a lot of exercise. He enjoys at least one walk a day, fetch in the backyard and some vigorous rounds of tug of war. All of those things require me to get moving too! Since my diagnosis of MS, Sir Mac N Cheese is definitely my number one guy to help me get my much-needed daily walk in!
  2. Emotional Support When I was diagnosed with MS and going through my first two rounds of Steroid Infusion Therapy Sir Mac N Cheese would not leave my side. He sat next to me on the couch, laid with me in bed, and even followed me into the bathroom. When I had a rough day he would lay his head gently on my lap and sigh deeply, reminding me to take a deep breath, everything would be ok. 1 When I cried tears of pain and frustration he would lick them worriedly off of my cheeks, quickly turning my tears into laughter. I have no doubt in my mind (not to mention there is plenty of scientific research backing this) that dogs have a way of sensing human emotion, and learn ways to comfort us when we need it. Think about it, from the moment your dog came home you have been his world, his support, his caretaker when he was sick and hurt, his teacher and his best friend. He is just trying to do the same in return to you!
  3. Laughter Dogs have a remarkable way of going from the majestic beasts descended from wolves that they are, to the worlds biggest goofball in just about the blink of an eye. unnamed Dogs never lose their sense of play, just like humans, even as adults they still enjoy the occasional bout of silliness! This makes them not only steadfast and comforting companions, but some damn goofy ones too! My dog makes me laugh on at least a daily basis. Maybe it’s the husky in him but he is one odd duck. But laughter does so much more than just make you feel good! Laughter has been proven to be beneficial in short-term memory performance, burning calories, lowering your cortisol levels (stress hormone), regulating blood sugar levels, boosting immunity and so much more! Laughing is good for us!


So tonight when you see your pup waiting patiently for you when you get home give him a big smooch and a good belly rub. Just remember, to you he may just be part of your world but to him you are his whole world. 



When it rains it pours…

The other night I was sitting on the couch while my dog, Sir Mac N Cheese, was outside doing his dog business. Suddenly, through the screen door, I see him BOLTING across the yard with a small grayish blur just inches in front of him. He was about three seconds from catching a squirrel that had made the unfortunate decision to cross into this big dog’s territory.

I ran outside screaming at Mac to stop, not wanting to witness my floofbaby murder a small rodent, just in time to see the squirrel dive through the chain link fence to safety. My 90lb dog sprinted around the yard a few times, stared menacingly out the fence, and pawed aggressively at the ground making sure that squirrel knew who was boss.

This is not the first time Mac has chased off small mammalian intruders from our yard. However, this IS the fastest I have ever seen my speedy boi move. Unfortunately, I also think he injured himself in the midst of his primal rage.

About an hour later I noticed that he was favoring his back left leg and I called the vet and made an appointment for the next day. Last November, right before I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Mac ruptured his ACL and some other parts of his knee in his right leg after my husband took an unfortunate tumble on some ice…onto the dog…


Mac had surgery to repair his knee the same week I started my first round of steroid infusion therapy. We were bedridden together during my first major MS attack and two rounds of treatment.

Now, I am headed in for an MRI on Tuesday at my neurologists request because we suspect a relapse based off of my worsening symptoms this past week or so.

The vet confirmed yesterday that Sir Mac N cheese has sprained his ACL in his left leg. Guess what that means…back to 24/7 snuggles and rest-time for Mac & Alix!!! Isn’t it funny how we both are kind of relapsing at the same time?!?

I am a bit anxious for my upcoming MRI. I had one not too long ago that did not go wonderfully. I made it through but I am pretty claustrophobic and anxious and the MRI’s are definitely difficult for me. This time I did ask to be given a sedative, so hopefully that will help, seeing as this will be another 2 hour MRI!

So for now, Sir Mac N Cheese and I are going to rest, without feeling guilty! Sleep, without feeling lazy. And relax, without feeling bad about it. Sometimes self-care needs to come first, for all of us!



Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mama’s out there!

First of all, let me just say that Mother Earth could not have given us more beautiful weather on a day meant to celebrate some of the most beautiful people on this planet! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, mothers in law, grandmothers, great grandmothers, moms to-be, dog moms, cat moms, horse moms, chicken moms (special shout out to the Sparrow mom building her nest in my African Daisy’s on my deck. You go girl! Keep on…mothering) ALL THE MOMS!

But today, I want to focus on a very special mom in my life (no it is not the bird).

My mom.

I have a pretty badass mom. For those of you who know her, you already know that 😉 But for those of you who don’t, just let me tell you…this woman is amazing. She has taught me to be the woman I am today. She is compassionate, loving, creative, quick to laughter, quick to tears (just like me!), fiercely protective of her family and fiercely loving of them too. She taught me how to forgive, even when your heart has been broken. She taught me to dream and to believe anything is possible in my life. She taught me to fight for what I believe is true and right. She instilled in me a deep love of books and stories and truly made me the creative, old soul I am today.

IMG_2189***Ok I am sorry, but we need to pause here to appreciate this photo. The woman lugged around my wriggly butt for 9 months, JUST pushed a seven-pound child out of her vagine… and now she’s got to sit there on a landline and CALL EVERYONE SHE KNOWS to tell them I was born! Come on kids, let’s appreciate our moms for a second. Not only did they give birth to us but there wasn’t no Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or Group Text to tell your friends and family you had your baby. Nope! You had to grab a landline, dial in a number, and actually speak to a human. Scary. Let’s also give a shout out to my mom who again literally just gave birth to me and is STILL on fleek! LOOK at that 90’s queen!

I want to just say “thank you” to my mom. I don’t think I will ever say it enough. So here it goes…

  • Thank you for giving me life.
  • Thank you for teaching me to be myself (no matter how much of a weirdo I may be!)
  • Thank you for showing me the way to Narnia, Hogwarts, and Middle Earth.
  • Thank you for keeping me safe from those who tried to harm me (even though I fought you at the time. You and dad saved my life)
  • Thank you for always forgiving me even when I was a little shit.
  • Thank you for always trying to understand me and my views even when they are a little “out there”
  • Thank you for teaching me to bake.
  • Thank you for gently guiding me back to my true path when I have strayed, but never forcing.
  • Thank you for making me play outside and wait to get a cell phone.
  • Thank you for comforting me every time I call and still being my go-to person to calm me down when anxiety takes over.
  • Thank you for always being the first one to offer to be at my side during medical procedures and appointments.
  • Thank you for being the amazing, compassionate, eager to learn, creative, loving mother of mine.


Happy Mother’s Day Mama,

Your Baby Girl